As part of our permanent effort to improve our services and to offer additional benefits and advantages to our clients, who typically do not receive them from other firms or lawyers, we have created an annual maintenance program to which we have integrated numerous services with out additional cost to our clients during the first year of their estate plan.

It is clear to us the main reason for hiring us; to protect your families and your estates when you became disabled or die. Nevertheless, and although we may have the knowledge regarding the applicable law, taxes, techniques, and planning strategies, the reality is that we don’t know, and can’t anticipate, when the clients might become incapacitated or die, when the laws are going to change, when will the clients add assets to, or subtract assets from, their estates, when will these assets be consumed or be substituted, what will be the family dynamic in the future, or when will the client’s priorities might change.

That’s why we created


MEG Cares℠ includes:

  • Unlimited Telephone/Email consultations
  • Unlimited changes or modifications to your living trust or estate plan
  • Unlimited “Notary Public” services
  • Alignment, verification, and tracking of assets in the trust
  • Annual Membership in DocuBank®
  • Annual up-date meeting
  • MEG Cares℠ family meeting

After the first anniversary of your estate plan, the annual price of MEG Cares℠ shall be $1,500. The clients that decide not to participate in MEG Cares℠ in a given year, and subsequently want to make changes to their estate plans, have consultations, etc., will be able to reinstate their membership by paying the annual fee in arrears, or by paying the then current price for the service they are soliciting. If clients choose not to participate in MEG Cares℠ for two consecutive years, the cost of consultations and modifications to their plans shall be subject to our then current prices.