MEG International Counsel has a systematic approach to hand-hold its clients during the entire planning process and implementation of the work requested.

At MEG International Counsel, we not only take the time to educate and inform our clients of the details of each transaction, but we take the time to visit with the clients to get to know them and their families better, and learn their concerns, goals, and objectives.

Above everything else, we take the time all the necessary time to listen to, and answer their questions and the issues that press them in order to meet the optimum results that every matter requires.

Clients can expect from us, the following:

First Step: A planning session

This planning session includes a meeting with the clients and their advisors that they want present. In this meeting we will take the necessary time to get to know them, understand their present situation, and at the same time give clarity to their future. In this session, together we will begin to design and establish the objectives, options, and possibilities of their planning. In this same meeting, we will establish a fixed fee for the anticipated work, and the date of payment.

Second Step: Design Stage

During this step, the attorneys and advisors of MEG International Counsel assigned to the case will continue to collect all the detailed information required for obtaining the goals established in the planning session. This step may require one or more meetings with the clients or their advisors, although 1 or 2 meetings is the norm. After completing the collection of information, we will commence drafting and preparing all the relevant documentation and specific to the clients’ situation.

Third Step: Signing Session

In this session, we will meet again with the clients to finalize and sign the required documents to implement their strategy, plan, or matter. Also, in an attempt to be more efficient with the time required to complete a plan, we will have a Notary Public present to acknowledge the signatures in the documents that require it.

Fourth Step: Delivery

Once all the property transfers have been made, the changes to the banking or financial entities’ registers, filings with the appropriate government authorities, and having finalized all the funding work for the estate plans, the clients will receive their documents in order inside a portfolio or special binder, as well as in digital form in a personalized USB flash drive.

Fifth Step: Maintenance

Although we may have the knowledge regarding the applicable law, taxes, techniques, and planning strategies, the reality is that we don’t know, and can’t anticipate, when the clients might become incapacitated or die, when the laws are going to change, when will the clients add assets to, or subtract assets from, their estates, when will these assets be consumed or be substituted, what will be the family dynamic in the future, or when will the client’s priorities might change.

Therefore, beginning with the delivery of their documents, all planning clients automatically join our annual maintenance plan MEG Cares℠, and are signed up for an annual membership with DocuBank®. After the first year, clients have the option to continue as members of MEG Cares℠, and pay for the annual membership. For more information, please consult the MEG Cares℠ tab above.